Avrodh – The Siege Within

Avrodh: The Siege Within is an Indian Hindi-language military drama web-television series which premiered on SonyLIV on 31 July 2020.

Avrodh is a series of untold incidents where India was laid to a kind of siege, and had to tap into its bravest frontier heroes to investigate, save, protect and fight fearlessly for the country.

Episode 1. The Calm Before The Storm

After successfully executing known militant Bilawal Wani in Kashmir, Major Gautam arrives in Uri to take over from his friend and colleague Major Rishab Sood. Even as NSA Malviya is struggling to stabilize the situation in Kashmir, in an exclusive interview with journalist Namrata, JeM commander Abu Hafeez threatens to retaliate. Meanwhile, the army receives intel on infiltration across Uri.

Avrodh – The Siege Within – Episode 1 – Watch Online

Episode 2. Darkest Hour

Namrata seeks help from Fakruddin, a former friend in Srinagar, to obtain on-ground information for substantiating her guess. At nightfall, four infiltrators attack the Uri base camp. In a fierce standoff between the soldiers and the terrorists, Major Rishab Sood takes a bullet.

Avrodh – The Siege Within – Episode 2 – Watch Online

Episode 3. A Landmark Decision

In spite of the media scrutiny calling the attack an intelligence failure, PM orders for a swift investigation under NSA Malviya’s supervision. Namrata gets to know of an Army operation in Sukhdar village, and reports it, thus impeding the investigation’s big lead. The PM takes a firm diplomatic measure in retaliation.

Avrodh – The Siege Within – Episode 3 – Watch Online

Episode 4. The Plot Laid Bare

With the help of a former informant, NIA Chief Ali Raza interrogates a gardener who confirms the coordinated attack by JeM. A debate in the echelons in Delhi sparks, calling for a “boots on ground” response. NSA Malviya instructs the Army Chief to come up with a foolproof plan of action. Anti-terrorism expert and Para SF commander, Videep Singh, is selected to formulate and execute the plan.

Avrodh – The Siege Within – Episode 4 – Watch Online

Episode 5. Invincibles

Major Videep Singh puts his team together, submits his first action plan to his Colonel, and moves incognito to Uri with the team. Fearing Namrata’s nosy attitude, NSA Malviya baits her through false news of his resignation from the cabinet. As Namrata takes the bait and announces the news, danger looms on Fakruddin, who is tracking Videep’s next move. PM is presented with Major Videep’s covert surgical strike plan inside PoK.

Avrodh – The Siege Within – Episode 5 – Watch Online

Episode 6. Stealth And Surprise

Fakruddin is caught spying on the army and arrested at Uri Base. Abu Hafeez makes plans for future attacks all over India. Namrata confronts Malviya over Fakruddin’s arrest and is subsequently fired from her job. Through a series of links, Major Videep establishes contact with an inside source in Abu Hafeez’s camp, who aids him in identifying possible targets across the LoC.

Avrodh – The Siege Within – Episode 6 – Watch Online

Episode 7. Trap The Jackal

When Major Videep’s 2IC (second-in-command) falls ill, he chooses Major Gautam to go with him on the mission. An unpleasant situation forces Abu Hafeez to make an unplanned visit to Kotla. News of Abu Hafeez’s travel reaches Malviya, and amidst many contradictory opinions, PM takes a leap of faith with Major Videep’s assurance, and Operation Uri is signed off with Kotla getting added to the list of final targets.

Avrodh – The Siege Within – Episode 7 – Watch Online

Episode 8. Behind Enemy Lines

After navigating many obstacles laid by the PAK military, Major Videep and his team arrive near Kotla. Meanwhile, Abu Hafeez is forced to stay the night at Timarkot, 3 km from Kotla. The war room relays this vital intel to Videep. Putting his team at huge risk, Major Videep decides to stay behind enemy lines for a day to fulfill the mission’s entire objective which includes eliminating Abu Hafeez.

Avrodh – The Siege Within – Episode 8 – Watch Online

Episode 9. They Know No Fear

Abu Hafeez arrives in Kotla. At nightfall, Major Videep and team launch a successful strike and succeed in eliminating him. Pakistani military gets alerted of the Indian Army’s presence in Kotla. But Major Videep and team plant a radio decoy and tactfully evade the Pakistani military. They cross the border and the mission is complete with zero casualties. Namrata publishes a book on Major Videep’s bravery in the most dangerous army mission as he returns to an SF commander’s anonymous life.

Avrodh – The Siege Within – Episode 9 – Watch Online

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