KBC Season 12, 11th November 2020, 7 Crore Question

Q1. Cold brew, latte, espresso are all examples of which beverage?

Ans : Coffee

Q2. Which of these is a term for a score used in racquet sports?

Ans : Love

Q3. Rajat Sharma, Sonia Singh, Rahul Kanwal and Sumit Awasthi are all associated with which profession?

Ans : Journalism

Q4. In Sept 2020, Which Iconic Motorcycle Brand announced that it is shutting down its manufacturing?

Ans : Harley Davidson

Q5. What was the colour of the saree worn by Madhuri Dixit in the song “Didi Tera Dewar Deewana”, which triggered a fashion tred in the country?

Ans : Purple

Q6. Which of these does not feature in the five pillars of Islam?

Ans : Hadith

Q7. In which state of India is the tow of Jamtara located?

Ans : Jharkhand

Q8. Which novel, made into a TV series by Mira Nair in 2020, revolves around the lives of four Indian families – the Mehras, the Kapoors, the Khans and the Chatterjis?

Ans : A Suitable Boy

Q9. The leader heard in this audio clip has never served in which of these ministries?

Ans : Law and Justice

Q10. What bird is seen in this video clip?

Ans : Great Hornbill

Q11. The 2020 film “Gul Makai” is a biopic of which of these personalities?

Ans : Malala Yousafzai

Q12. Which of the following dynasties did the Kanva dynasty over throw to come to power around 73 BCE in Magadha?

Ans : Shunga Dynasty

Q13. The trophy which is awarded to the winners of the women’s singles at the Australian Open is named?

Ans : Daphne Akhurts

Q14. Who became the first Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University in 1920?

Ans : Sultan Jahan Begum

Q15. Which of these actresses once won a National Film Award for the Best Female Playback singer?

Ans : Roopa Ganguly

Q15. Who is first woman and also former astronaut to reach the deepest point of the ocean, Mariana Trench?

Ans : Kathryn D Sullivan

Q16. Where in Singapore did Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose make first proclamation of Azad Hind government?

Ans : Cathay Cinema Hall

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