Blood Relation MCQ’S


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#1. A and B are brothers. C and D are sisters. A’s son is D’s brother. How is B related to C ?

Answer: Option C
Solution: C and D are the daughters of A and B is the uncle of C.

#2. A is son of C while C and Q are the sisters to one another. Z is the mother of Q. If P is the son of Z, Which one of the following statements is correct ?

Answer: Option B
Solution: Since, C and Q are sisters to one another and A is the son of C. Hence, C is the mother of A, therefore, Z is maternal grandmother of A. As P is the son of Z. Hence, P is the maternal uncle of A.

#3. Pointing at a photo, Dinesh said, “His father is only son of my mother.” The photo belongs to- :

Answer: Option D
Solution: Since, the only son of the mother of Dinesh, is Dinesh, therefore, the photo belongs to Dinesh’s son.

#4. Looking at a portrait of a man, Sanjay said, “His mother is the wife of my father’s son. Brothers and sisters I have none.” At whose portrait was Sanjay Looking.

Answer: Option A
Solution: Since, Sanjay has neither a sister nor a brother, therefore, Sanjay is the only son of his father. Hence, the mother of the portrait is wife of Sanjay. Therefore, portrait was of Sanjay’s son.

#5. A man said to a lady, “The son of your only brother is the brother of my wife.” What is the lady to the man.

Answer: Option C
Solution: Since, the son of the only brother of the lady is the nephew of the lady, Therefore, the wife of the man is the niece of the lady. Hence, the lady is the sister of the father-in-law of the man.

#6. If A is the brother of B and K, D is the the mother of B and E is the father of A. Which one of the following statement is not definitely true ?

Answer: Option B
Solution: In the family, E is the father whose wife is D. E has three children A, B and K out of which A is the son. Hence, A cannot be the father of K.

#7. Introducing a lady, a man said, “Her mother is the only daughter of my mother-in-law.” What is the man to the lady ?

Answer: Option B
Solution: Since, the mother-in-law of the man is the mother of the lady, therefore, the lady is the daughter of the man.

#8. Introducing a woman, a man said, “Her mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt.” How man is related to the woman ?

Answer: Option B
Solution: Her mother’s husband means her father and her father’s sister is man’s aunt. Therefore, the man and woman are brother and sister.

#9. Leela, who is Sohan’s daughter, says to Latika, “Your mother Alka is the younger sister of my father who is the third child of Gajanan.” What is the relation of Gajanan to Latika ?

Answer: Option C
Solution: As Alka is the sister of Sohan and Sohan is the third child of Gajanan, therefore, Alka will be the daughter of Gajanan. But Latika is the daughter of Alka, So, Gajanan will be grandfather of Latika.

#10. Old man’s son is my son’s uncle, then what relation has the old man with me ?

Answer: Option B

Since, Old man’s son is my son’s uncle.
My Son’s Uncle = My Brother.
So, old man’s son is my brother. Hence, the old man is my father.