Direct And Indirect Speech MCQ’S


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#1. Kiran asked me, “Did you see the Cricket match on television last night?”

Answer: Option B
Solution: Kiran asked me whether I had seen the Cricket match on television the earlier night.

#2. David said to Anna, “Mona will leave for her native place tomorrow.”

Answer: Option D
Solution: David told Anna that Mona would leave for her native place the next day.

#3. I said to him, “Why are you working so hard?”

Answer: Option A
Solution: I asked him why he was working so hard.

#4. He said to her, “What a cold day!”

Answer: Option D
Solution: He exclaimed that it was a very cold day.

#5. The tailor said to him, “Will you have the suit ready by tomorrow evening?”

Answer: Option C
Solution: The tailor asked him if he would have the suit ready by the next evening.

#6. He said to interviewer, “Could you please repeat the question?”

Answer: Option C
Solution: He requested the interviewer to repeat the question.

#7. He said. “Be quite and listen to my words.

Answer: Option A
Solution: He urged them to be quite and listen to his words.

#8. He said to me, I have often told you not to play with fire.

Answer: Option B
Solution: He told me that he had often told me not to play with fire.

#9. The Captain said to his men, “Stand at ease.”

Answer: Option D
Solution: The Captain commanded his men to stand at ease.

#10. Pawan said to me, “If I hear any news, I’ll phone you.”

Answer: Option D
Solution: Pawan told me that if he heard any news, he would phone me.