How to build an Android app using the Android Studio development environment. As Android devices become increasingly more common in demand for making new apps. Android Studio is an easy to use (and free) development environment to learn. It’s best if one has a working knowledge of the Java programming language. how quickly you are able to download and install Android Studio and make your first Android app.

Step 1 : Making Android App First Install the Android Studio

  1. Go to to download Android Studio.
  2. Use the installer to install Android Studio following its instructions.
  3. Open Android Studio.
  4. Under the “Quick Start” menu, select “Start a new Android Studio project.”
  5. On the “Create New Project” window that opens, name your project “MyAndroidApp”.
  6. If you choose to, set the company name as desired*.
  7. Note where the project file location is and change it if desired.
  8. Click “Next.”
  9. Make sure on that “Phone and Tablet” is the only box that is checked.
  10. If you are planning to test the app on your phone, make sure the minimum SDK is below your phone’s operating system level.
  11. Click “Next.”
  12. Select “Blank Activity.”
  13. Click “Next.”
  14. Leave all of the Activity name fields as they are.
  15. Click “Finish.”

Note: In Android projects set the company name as some form of ““.

Step 2 : Edit the Hello World in the Main Activity of Your Android App

  1. Navigate to the activity_main.xml tab if it is not already open.
  2. Make sure that the Design tab is open on the activity_main.xml display.
  3. Click and drag the “Hello, world!” from the upper left corner of the phone display to the center of the screen.
  4. In the project file system on the left side of the window, open the values folder.
  5. In the values folder, double-click the strings.xml file.
  6. In this file, find the line “Hello world!”.
  7. Change the “Hello world!” text to “My First Android App!”
  8. Navigate back to the activity_main.xml tab.
  9. Make sure that your centered text now changed “My First Android App!”

Step 3 : Add a Button to the Main Activity of Your Android App

  1. Navigate to the Design tab of the activity_main.xml display.
  2. In the Palette menu to the left of the phone display, find Button (under the heading Widgets).
  3. Click and drag Button to be centered below your welcome message.
  4. Make sure your button is still selected.
  5. In the Properties menu (on the right side of the window), scroll down to find the field for “text.”
  6. Change the text from “New Button” to “Go to Second Activity

Step 4 : Create a Second Activity in Your Android App

  1. At the top of the project’s file system tree, right click on “app.”
  2. Navigate through to New > Activity > Blank Activity.
  3. Change the name of this activity to “SecondActivity“.
  4. Click “Finish.”
  5. Make sure you are in the Design view of activity_second.xml.
  6. Drag the text box in the upper left of the phone display down to the center as you did on the Main Activity.
  7. With the text box still selected, find the “id” field in the Properties menu on the right, and set it to “second“.
  8. Open strings.xml again.
  9. Add a new line below “My First Android App!” that reads “Welcome to the Second Activity“.
  10. Navigate back to activity_second.xml.
  11. Select the text box again.
  12. In the Properties pane, set the “text” field to “@string/second_text“.
  13. Make sure that the text box now reads “Welcome to Second Activity” and is in the center of the screen in the phone display.

Step 5 : Write the Button’s “onClick” Method In Main Activity

  1. Select the tab along the top of the work environment.

2. Add the following lines of code at the end of the onCreate method:

Button button = (Button) findViewById(;

button.setOnClickListener(new View.onClickListener() {


public void onClick(View v) {




3. Add the following method to the bottom of the MainActivity class:

private void goToSecondActivity() {

Intent intent = new Intent(this, SecondActivity.class);



Step 6 : Run your First Android App

  1. Click the green play symbol from the toolbar at the top of the Android Studio window.
  2. When the “Choose Device” dialog apperas (this may take a few moments), select the “Lauch emulator” option.
  3. Click OK.
  4. When the emulator opens (this too could take awhile), the app will automatically launch the app upon the virtual phone being unlocked.
  5. Make sure that all of your text displays correctly and that the button takes you to the Second Activity.

Congrats! You’ve now completed your first Android App.

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